Jan. 8, 2010 — Air travelers going through whole-body scanners don’t have to be compelled to worry around radiation from the devices, according to the American College of Radiology.

Two sorts of gadgets are being conveyed:

Millimeter wave innovation employments low-level radio waves. Two radio recieving wires turn around the body at high speed and generate a 3-D picture on a remote monitor. The image looks like a fluffy photo negative. Backscatter technology employments greatly weak X-rays used to make a two-sided picture. The image looks like a chalk drawing.

The radiology bunch says a traveler would have to be compelled to undergo more than a thousand filters in a year to rise to one standard chest X-ray.

“The ACR isn’t aware of any prove that either of the filtering technologies that the TSA is considering would present significant biological impacts for travelers screened,” the group says in a explanation given to WebMD.

The Transportation Safety Administration says that millimeter wave innovation uncovered a traveler to 10,000 times less radiation energy than a cell phone does.

The TSA says a backscatter X-ray check gives a individual as much radiation as he or she would get from two minutes of flying in an airplane at 30,000 feet.