April 26, 2007 — Taking low-dose aspirin each other day may not offer assistance ladies matured 65 and more seasoned keep their brains sharp as they age.

That’s according to a consider published online in BMJ, formerly called the British Restorative Diary.

The think about included more than 6,300 U.S. ladies who were at slightest 65 years old and had no history of major sicknesses.

The ladies were selected in a huge, long-term consider of women’s wellbeing. As part of the study, they received annually supplies of low-dose aspirin or a pill containing no active fixings (placebo). They didn’t know whether they got headache medicine or the fake treatment.

The women were told to require their assigned pill each other day. After doing so for an average of 9.6 years, the ladies took a mental abilities test by telephone.

As portion of the test, the women had to memorize a list of 10 words, read a brief section and remember key words from the passage, and name as many creatures as they could think of in one diminutive.

Test scores were comparable for ladies taking aspirin or fake treatment. That stayed true when the women took two more follow-up tests over the next four years.

Ladies in both groups also had comparable rates of mental decay. In short, the headache medicine gather showed no overallmental preferences in the think about.

There were a number of conceivable special cases.

Among ladies with tall cholesterol, test scores declined more gradually for those taking ibuprofen. The same was genuine among women who were current smokers, but not among nonsmokers or former smokers.

But those comes about may have been due to chance, according to the analysts. They included Jae Hee Kang, DrPH, of Harvard Therapeutic School and Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Too, women taking aspirin were 20% less likely to have a considerable drop in their scores in the name-the-animals quiz. It’s not clear in case that had anything to do with ibuprofen, Kang’s team notes.

The study doesn’t show what the women’s mental aptitudes had been like some time recently taking headache medicine. It’s impossible that ibuprofen had a brief, short-term benefit some time recently the primary test, agreeing to Kang and colleagues.