Sustainable Tools for Environmentally Aware Trendsetters

For over 200 years WÜSTHOF has been manufacturing expertly crafted knives for professional chefs and hobby cooks alike. Today, with the seventh generation at the helm, this family-owned company sells its products in over 80 countries worldwide, making them one the leading manufacturers of high-quality premium knives.

To meet the demands of every kitchen, WÜSTHOF offers a wide range of 350 blades. This ensures the perfect cut for every task with perfectly balanced handling, exceptional performance, and long-lasting sharpness.


Urban Farmer is a unique series of knives inspired by the garden to table movement. It’s a collection that celebrates using fresh, homegrown produce and has the ambition of reconnecting us to our food.


Designed by accomplished German designer, Bjoern Berger, Urban Farmer has a commitment to sustainability, protecting the environment and inspiring creativity in the kitchen.

Urban Farmer combines the natural beauty of rustic crafting tools with the high-tech precision of knives made with the latest materials and techniques. The blade is made from stainless steel with a high carbon content. Its long-lasting sharpness is ensured by a Rockwell hardness of 58 and the solid tang gives it very high edge stability.

Made from sustainably grown and thermo treated beech wood, the handle is extremely robust and water resistant. Combined with the non-slip bolster, it provides a secure grip, even when wet, making them ideal for use in both kitchens and gardens.


Whether you’re an environmentally-conscious urbanite or a food-loving family with young children, the Urban Farmer collection will renew your passion for farm-fresh food, home gardening, and cooking with wholesome, delicious ingredients.

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