Good To Grill

By Samantha Wiles


Summer al fresco dining season has officially begun, which means it’s time to get grilling! The merchants at Toronto’s historic St. Lawrence Market take grill season seriously and eagerly prepare their products instore to make their customer’s barbecue events a breeze. After discussing different grilling options with the meat, fish, cheese and produce merchants at the Market, it became obvious that there are endless possibilities
for gourmet grilling if you have a passion for food. Here are some of the top suggestions these grill experts had to get summer started.

St. Lawrence Market butchers agree, when it comes to grilling the word is ribeye. A ribeye steak is a tender and flavourful boneless cut from the same area as prime rib. This beautiful piece of beef is excellent marinated to your preference or simply rubbed with salt and pepper, and best when grilled to medium rare. St. Lawrence Market butchers also specialize in different qualities of this fine cut to suit customer preferences. For certified organic visit Witteveen Meats, cut to order at your preferred thickness at Upper Cut Meats or visit the dry-aged counter at Di Liso’s Meats. Fishmongers at Seafront Fish Market also had a meatless answer to this prime meat; tuna steaks follow the same grilling principles as the ribeye with equally juicy results, in seafood form.

The burger is one of the most versatile grilling items, with so many options including toppings, type of protein and style of bun. The St. Lawrence Market merchants gave us the ultimate starting line-up for burger daydreams: game meat or stuffed beef burgers from Whitehouse Meats, salmon or mixed fish burgers from Mike’s Fish and creative veg- etarian options like Portobello mushrooms or halloumi cheese in place of the burger patty. Alex Farm Products even had some excellent tips to share for grilled halloumi cheese burgers. Halloumi is a semi-hard, un-ripened, brined cheese that can take the heat of the grill without melting. Because the cheese is brined it has a pleasant salty flavour, however some people would prefer a less salty option. In that case soak the cheese in luke warm water for a few minutes and then pat dry before grilling. The soaking reduces the saltiness to let the flavourful cheese win over your grill guests.

St. Lawrence Market is the ultimate culinary destination this summer for grilling tips and special summer barbecue events. To find what’s happening and how Market merchants are turning up the heat visit or stop by Tuesday through Saturday.