Take Your Wine Experience To The Next Level With Opimian

Ontario is fortunate to have a strong liquor board with a vast selection of wines, spirits and more for Ontarians to enjoy. However, there are many more wines to discover than are found on the shelves of your local LCBO. Wine lovers turn to clubs to discover the world of wine.


Opimian’s wine selection has been a point of pride since its inception in 1973. It has evolved over those 45 years, to keep up with the provincial liquor boards that are providing a larger selection of wines to Canadians. They make exploring the wine world as simple as logging into your Opimian account or Facebook.

Opimian’s members are wine lovers who are drawn to the idea of discovery and adventure. They cultivate their curiosity by trying new wines. Through the club, they can trust that each wine, no matter the price point, will be a quality wine offering great value.


Opimian’s 13,000 plus members represent a diverse variety of tastes and palate. To meet those expectations, all wine styles are represented in each of the nine Opimian Cellar Offerings (their wine catalogues), which feature different regions at various price points. They include medal-winning wines, member favourites and more. Opimian’s Master of Wine, Jane Masters, tastes each wine and only includes it in the Cellar Offering if it meets her high standards.

It’s easy to order a case of wine — six or 12 bottles, depending on the wine. Ordering online is a matter of a few clicks and then you’re done. If you prefer, you can also phone and speak to a member of the Membership Experience Team who will be happy to place the order for you.
The experience doesn’t stop there. Members connect to other Canadian wine lovers through Opimian’s Facebook group, a lively place with discus- sions about the wines, delivery and membership. Winemakers also chime in from time to time, giving a peek behind the scenes at their estate.


Through its 24 chapters — seven in Ontario — Opimian provides quality, personalized service to its members. Tasting events, organized by their Area Representatives, are held throughout the year. Members can taste new wines and meet likeminded wine lovers. Occasionally, Opimian suppliers from boutique estates and established vineyards from around the wine world are invited to Canada to meet members at these events — a unique Opimian experience.


Opimian’s Wine Concierge is available to assist members in developing their wine profile, ordering wines and even selecting a wine to pair with dinner.

Opimian provides wine lovers with a new way to enjoy wine. Through the services mentioned above, and by providing a selection of wines that com- plement those available at the LCBO, Opimian’s goal is to cultivate your wine curiosity and take your wine experience to the next level.