When COBS Bread set out to develop their French Baguette, they wanted to create the best French Baguette in North America. They felt the best way to do so was to visit France and in 2009, their technical baker arrived in Paris to dedicate two months to learn from the best bakers in the country.

Unlike other baguettes, classic French Baguettes must adhere to strict guidelines. The 1993 French Decree, regulates the ingredients, technique, size and weight of ‘traditional French Bread.’ These include being additive free, no freezing, using specific ingredients, a set dough weight and specific external and internal characteristics. The process takes 16 hours to handcraft and the result is a beautiful, golden crisp crust and an aromatic and chewy crumb (the inside of the baguette).

Baguettes are a quintessential item for entertaining and pair well with pâté, cheeses, sliced meats, or spreads and dips. The French tradition is to enjoy slices of baguette spread with jam and butter for breakfast and dunked in bowls of coffee or hot chocolate. They are very versatile and make excellent sandwiches or sides for any meal. Baguettes even make appearances after dinner for those who like to savour those last few drops of wine. 

COBS Bread continues to maintain French Baguette standards, practicing the art of baking French Baguettes every day in each of its more than 90 Canadian bakeries and one USA location. All COBS Bread bakeries donate their leftover product to local charities at the end of each day, which means every day their bakers are up early in the morning to bake the products for that day. In addition to baguettes, COBS Bread bakes sandwich loaves, artisan breads and pastries.

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