From farm to fork: a supply chain of organic integrity

When Martin Le Moine and his family stopped using pesticides and other chemicals on their farm 20 years ago, they became the first grower of organic cranberries in Canada. It was a big change with profound consequences, but after years of hard work their persistence paid off. Today, the Le Moines and their partners are the largest growers and processors of organic cranberries in the world. They own and run Fruit d’Or Inc., a multimillion dollar company that processes cranberries and blueberries for sale in Canada and around the globe. Fruit d’Or has more than 200 employees and boasts several product lines: organic fruits including cranberries, blueberries and dried cherries; organic and conventional fruit juices; and fruit powders and oils for the nutraceuticals market.

A year ago, they introduced a new line of organic fruit products under the Patience Fruit & Co. Brand into the Canadian retail market. Catering towards consumers who are looking for genuine flavour and fruit purity, the brand favours organic growing methods, which preserves the integrity of their fruits. “Organic agriculture uses growing methods in harmony with the environment which gives all the necessary time for the fruit to develop and grow to maturity. The end result is definitely of superior quality. We take our time to produce, and, on their end, consumers can take their time to enjoy and savour bigger, better and softer fruits’’ explain Martin Le Moine, president of Fruit d’Or.

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