Looking to amp up your water routine with a taste of Canadiana? Try Sapsucker Maple Tree Water, a naturally hydrating, nothing added, locally harvested water from Ontario maple trees. Sapsucker offers a clear and refreshing taste with a natural hint of sweetness. Sapsucker Maple Tree Water is the perfect in-flight companion as it is packed with benefits, including 46 naturally occurring minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Containing half the sugar of coconut water, Sapsucker is a refreshing low glycemic drink that will keep you hydrated and can be used as an ingredient in smoothies, coffee, tea, overnight oats and more! Directly sourced from local Ontario farmers, Sapsucker is committed to having a low carbon footprint, including sustainable packaging that comes from an 80% renewable source. Sapsucker Maple Tree Water can be found at a number of Canadian retailers including Pearson International Airport YYZ,, Whole Foods, Pusateri’s and Farm Boy. To find a retailer near you, visit us at
  • 1/2cup Freshly ground coffee beans
  • 1 litre Sapsucker Maple
  1. While heating Sapsucker Maple Water to boil, add coffee beans to French press. Let boiling Sapsucker sit for 1 minute, pour into French press and stir vigorously. Steep coffee for approximately 4 minutes, chill or pour over ice and serve. Sapsucker’s natural flavour adds the perfect sweetness.