More than 200 individuals in numerous states have gotten to be sick with cyclospora contaminations in an episode that started a couple of weeks prior, concurring to the U.S. Centers for Infection Control and Avoidance.

Most of the patients first became ill with the foodborne sickness between mid-June and early July. Detailed cases have occurred in Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin and Illinois. At least eight individuals have been hospitalized.

Investigators are attempting to determine the cause of the ailments, but have not made any associations with particular food things. Different sorts of fresh create have been ensnared in previous flare-up investigations, the CDC said.

No common events, such as social gatherings, have been distinguished among the patients and it isn’t clear in the event that the cases from all of the states are portion of the same outbreak.

Conceivable extra cases are currently beneath examination, the CDC said.