The Mountainoak Story


In 1996, Adam and Hannie Van Bergeijk emigrated from Holland with their Next they hand-craft their Mountainoak Farmstead Gouda right on the farm, three children. Bringing with them their extensive experience in farming and cheese making, the Van Bergeijk family decided to start up a new dairy farm near New Hamburg, Ontario. Their son Arjo and his wife Baukje run the farm, while their son John and his wife Angela have a dairy farm in the same area. Their daughter Liesbeth and her husband, Peter, own a dairy farm in Tillsonburg. It wasn’t long until Adam and Hannie were making cheese again for their own consumption.

With those many years of experience to guide them, Adam and Hannie started up Mountainoak Cheese in the summer of 2012. They continue to grow and harvest all of their own crops and feed their cows a well-balanced diet. The fresh milk is used immediately and is pumped directly from the barn to the cheese plant.

Next they hand-craft their Mountainoak Farmstead Gouda right on the farm, using their traditional Dutch cheese making techniques and special recipe.

The cheese ages naturally and patiently, each wheel turned by hand until it reaches maturity.

The name, Van Bergeijk, translated to English means “Mountainoak.”

They are proud of their accomplishments and the recognition they receive through awards, but most of all by their customer’s enjoyment of their Canadian made Gouda! Their store, located right on the farm and open six days a week, carries 18 varieties and they are always experimenting with new flavours.

Our farm, our cows, our milk, your cheese!