MUCCI FARMS: Growing Fresh Produce for Canadian Families

Mucci Farms is a vertically integrated greenhouse grower, packer, shipper and marketer committed to quality, food safety, and the needs of the consumer market. Growing gourmet vegetables since the 1960s, Mucci Farms is proud of its open-minded approach, continued investment in innovative technology and commitment to sustainable, environmentally responsible business practices. While marketing over 700 acres of vegetables in North America, the company owns nearly 200 acres of greenhouses in Kingsville, Ontario growing several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and most recently lettuce and strawberries in high tech state-of-the-art greenhouses. In addition, they have completed the first phase of a 60-acre expansion in Huron, Ohio — their first expansion into the United States.

With over 1200 full time employees from general labourers to senior ex- ecutives in Kingsville, Ontario, Mucci Farms is the region’s largest green- house employer and is consistently emphasizing growth and expansion. The company prides itself on a positive work environment and strong corporate culture focused on career building and professional growth for ambitious team members. The company recently recognized over 100 employees both local and offshore for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25+ years of service, with a special emphasis on one gentleman who retired after 39 years.

Currently and in the immediate future, the company will be adding more than 100 acres of greenhouses between Canada and the United States including several hundred full time jobs over the next few years. Currently owning and operating the largest controlled environment strawberry farm in North America, the final phase of a 36-acre expansion will be completed this fall, translating to over 1.3 million square feet of green- house strawberries, branded as SmucciesTM Sweet Strawberries. The company has additional plans for expansion of the strawberry farm.

Inspired by CEO Bert Mucci, Mucci Farms is heavily involved in health and fitness initiatives in the community. His passion for long distance running birthed a fundraising campaign with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation with an event called 50k for 50k. A pledge to run 50 kilometres. More than doubling the goal, a total of $115 000 was raised, making a wish come true for 12 terminally ill children. In addition to donating several thousand pounds of produce to a variety of charities, Mucci Farms also delivers fresh vegetables to local school kitchens on a weekly basis, promoting healthy eating to the next generation.

With an emphasis on efficiency, Mucci Farms is at the forefront of technology in the greenhouse industry as they have made significant investments in robotics and automation with an ultimate goal of delivering the freshest product to consumers. The variety of technology has enabled them to improve food safety while offering a sizeable reduction in travel miles, product handling, and eliminating the use of pesticides. In addition, the company has made considerable investments in supple- mental lighting that simulates sunlight during the winter months to be able to produce local product year round. Currently in Kingsville, 55 of the company’s acres are using a combination of High Powered Sodium (HPS) and LED lighting with plans to increase that to 95 acres in the near future. The entire 60 acres in Huron, Ohio will be equipped with HPS lighting, allowing for 365 days of production.

As a leader in the greenhouse industry, Mucci Farms strives to create irresistible cravings for healthy choices by passionately growing fresh, flavourful, greenhouse grown produce. From internal departments to retail partners, associations, community partners, third-party suppliers and of course consumers, Mucci Farms proudly refers to all the hands in their success as “Partners in Produce.”