Bringing Honour & Tradition Into The Kitchen

Long-held Japanese virtues have stood the test of time; patience, honour and hard work. The fruits of these virtues certainly shine through in the production of swords and knives. The result is most often meticulously-forged blades that come with a steep cost, but for good reason.

However, hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge and experience in Japanese knife-making have come across the ocean to provide Canadian chefs, foodies and collectors with the highest quality tools needed to bring their creations to life… their dreams to reality.

Providing hand-forged Japanese knives, sharpening services and repairs, Tosho Knife Arts passes down what is taught from master to apprentice, teacher to pupil, ready for use in the kitchen.

Since 1850 when sword crafting shifted to knives, highly-skilled craftsman (who were forced to change their focus) have been masterfully creating knives with the sharpness of the katana in mind to this day.

Obtain your piece of history by visiting or by seeing what the precision tools are capable of for yourself, in-person on Bathurst in downtown Toronto.