Savour The Best Of The Best

Food has always fascinated me: its ability to enchant all of our senses, to delight, surprise, and unite us. A plate can tell a story, draw us in and make us fall in love.

Surrounded by my mother’s quality cooking while growing up, my love for exceptional cuisine matured when I moved to Italy in 2007. In a place where food is a religion, I came to appreciate ingredients, preparation methods, aromas, flavours, customs and traditions on a whole new level! I was cap- tivated by the Italian foodies, their passion for the raw materials that make up their meals and their desire to locate the best of the best.

After completing business school and working in sales for a few years, I decided to pursue my dream: to bring rare and precious foods to my home country, Canada, through the identification, selection and distribution of the highest quality food products from small artisans in Italy. In 2013, I founded Taste for Luxury.

Initially, Taste for Luxury’s distribution catered to chefs operating in high end restaurants across Ontario and Quebec. Today, gourmet food shops, specialty boutiques and cheese markets carry our products. The company also sells unique products to all chefs and foodies at home — those who search for and appreciate exceptional quality ingredients for use in their culinary masterpieces.

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