Our Masterpieces from the Cave

Our sandstone cave lies in a village in Switzerland, nestled away among rolling hills and fragrant meadows. This is where a good cheese becomes a KALTBACH. What does it need? A lot of peace,

loving attention and the unique and natural cave climate.

The conditions for cheese refinement are perfect in the KALTBACH cave. The humid mineral climate found 15m below the sandstone surface and the constant temperature provide the ideal conditions for the maturing process. The climate gives our cheeses their inimitable aroma and texture as well as the rustic dark brown rind, typical for KALTBACH cheese.

The KALTBACH cave masters are experts in the art of cheese refinement. They ensure the best conditions for the magic of the maturing process and care for each cheese — through brushing, salting and turning — with infinite passion and patience. Not every wine gets better when stored and the same goes for cheese: it is essential to go with your instinct on which cheese to select for cave refinement.

This feeling can’t be taught, but naturally develops after years of onsite experience. The art of cheese refinement in our cave is a secret technique that has never been written down, as the knowledge has been passed down from cave master to cave master and from one generation to the next for over 20 years.

Witness the KALTBACH sandstone cave from the perspective of our cave masters at: emmi-kaltbach.com.